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I have a few reviews from different people, and will list my top 5, and my personal favorite ones in the review.

My favorite protein bars are made of whey protein. This is a good example of how protein supplements can be confusing. What are protein bars? Protein bars are an artificial product, which are made by mixing together a liquid concentrate and a solid powder. The liquid powder (in the powder bar form) is a mixture of protein and fat. It can contain as much as 15% protein (for an individual serving size of 2-4 bars), and up to 25% fat. The fat in a protein bar is usually whey, however, some protein bars may have other protein ingredients, such as chicken or fish. Most protein bars will also have some carbs, and some sugar. What are protein powders? A protein powder is a combination of liquid powder, with liquid of a different color and flavor. These are usually sweetened with honey, sometimes with a little sweetener of your choice. What are the difference between protein powders? Protein powder is often described as a protein bar, although in fact it is a different item. In fact, it is made up of the following items: A protein powder that is more liquid than powder.

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