Light skin WOW! The truth revealed: Absolutely...

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My Recommendations

In the future I may include my recommendations for products for lightening the skin, but I am too lazy to find time to do it. So you can choose the products that are best for you based on my personal preferences and experiences.

My Top Pick For Lightening

The Skin Care Master Natural Brightening Facial Scrub ($24.00 for 1 tub, $50 for 10 tubs, $100 for 50 tubs, or $150 for 250 tubs). The scrub contains a lightening botanical extract, which is supposed to help remove dead skin cells that may clog your pores. It is also supposed to make the skin appear brighter. I find it very pleasant. This was my first time trying the facial scrub, and it works great for lightening the skin. It leaves no residue. It is available in two different shades: light and medium. I like the dark shade best, because it leaves a stain on my hand even after a few minutes. The bottle is very large and easily holds a few squirts.

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